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Long-lasting partnerships:

We have created French as a Foreign Language lessons for the artisans of the Haute-Vienne and the Charente in partnership with the «Chambre des Métiers et de l’Art»

HVF obtains its place in the « Data Dock »

The Datadock is a new database introduced as part of the “course quality” decree which came into force on the 1st January 2017. This repository between the OPCA and the OPACIF lists the training centres which are eligible for this new decree.

The training centres must register themselves on the DataDoc. They must then leave documents connected to 21 indicators. These prove that the 6 criteria established by the financers have been met.

The Datadock (French data storage) allows the financers (OPCA and Opacif) to ensure that the training centres meet the standards required by the law.

The purposes of the Datadock are:

  • To register all the training centres meeting the required quality standards.
  • To simplify the work of the financing bodies (OPCA, Opacif, …) ;
  • To examine the declarations of the training centres and decide if they should be referenced or not.
  • To share information about the training bodies in a specially allocated collaborative area.

As a training centre eligible for the «Course Quality» decree, HVF has just obtained its place in the DataDock. As a result, the funding obtained from bodies such as the OPCA and the OPACIF will be simplified.