Our profiles

Our profiles

Alain RioAlain

Before creating « HVF », I accumulated 10 years of international experience as a French as a Foreign Language teacher in different educational institutions on the island of Saint Salvador in the Bahamas and in the prestigious universities of the city of Hermosillo in Mexico.

I was also called upon to teach subjects related to Law (International negotiation, globalisation and integration, International panorama) as my initial training was in tax law.

Since 2009, or a year after returning to France with my family, I have been working as a French as a foreign language teacher with populations of Non-French speakers in Limoges (Culture Alpha association, the University of Limoges, LH87, Firmen Roz secondary school) but also in Bellac (Easyfrench) where I had the privilege of teaching for 6 years.

Incidentally, I was also called to teach English (Easyfrench), Communication and job search technics and Communication. (AFPI Limousin)

Having a very good level myself in Spanish and English, as well as having formed a large network of friends and professional contacts in the past few years, I can offer support or lessons in both these foreign languages as well as high quality translations.


My name is Stéphanie Laporte. I’m 36 years old and I’ve been living in Limousin for the past 10 years.

In order to become a teacher of French as a foreign language, I firstly studied English (language, literature and culture), then modern French language and literature before finally obtaining a Masters in FLE (French as a Foreign Language).

I started my professional life in Grenoble teaching French in a “classe d’acceuil” for people on their first arrival in France. I then moved to Romania where I taught in a bilingual school before relocating to Treignac in Corrèze where I worked there for 7 years again teaching young people in a “classe d’acceuil”and later taught in a lycée. I also worked with adults and children in Soudaine, Uzerche and Tulle. During this time I also taught French to private individuals and worked with groups of retired British people and other overseas nationals.

Since March 2018 I’ve been working with Alan Rio of Haute Vienne Formations, teaching FLE online to mainly British people, both working and retired, living in France. I particularly enjoy the challenge of tailoring my lessons to suit the specific needs and aims of each of my pupils.

My interests include travel, reading and cultural pursuits. I am also interested in sociology and very much enjoy integrating with people of different nationalities and to teaching them French.