General information:

These programmes include the following information: prerequisites, objectives, duration, contact, teaching methods used and evaluation methods. The registration process together with proposed start-date are indicated, but will be validated during a preliminary telephone interview with Alain RIO at 06 37 76 54 98 or by exchanging e-mails with him (, since the start of each training course is organized according to our respective schedules.

In cases where the pre-requisites required for the course cannot be proven by diplomas or qualifications, the first course will allow the level assessment to be refined if necessary.

The rates applied between 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2021 (date of acceptance by the OPAC of the quotations/agreement or contract) are mentioned in the training programmes, and each of the training programmes can be downloaded by following the corresponding hypertext link in the areas that interest you. Each programme is dated/versioned and detailed.

As for accessibility for people with disabilities, this depends on the training venue chosen and the type of disability in relation to the teaching methods proposed (these aspects must be discussed during the interview prior to any contractual obligation).

Individual face-to-face lessons, preferably at HVF – 45, rue de l’ancienne école – Dieulidou – 87520 Oradour sur Glane (building and non-PRG room that can accommodate up to 5 people who are not equipped for people with disabilities).

Or possibly at Bussière Poitevine in the premises of Limousin Dog Training – 31 rue d’Argancy – 87320 Bussière-Poitevine (Non “ERP” and non-equipped room for people with reduced mobility) or in the rooms provided by the town halls of Cussac (87150) and Saint-Mathieu (87440).

Or in any other suitable business premises, including at the customer’s premises.

Or…. 100% remote.

And of course, there is always the possibility of “tailor-made” training courses adapted to the personal situation and particular objectives of the trainees.


If you have an interest in taking French classes with us for free, contact us by e-mail or by phone! We’ll try to find out how to finance your courses.

Financing: where possible, whether you are a craftsman, a farmer, a trader or an employee, and you are interested in one of our training courses, we will look for a way to have it financed by the OCPOs (Skills Operators) or within the framework of the CPF (Personal Training Account). Thus, if you are eligible, you do not have to pay anything.

Setting up training courses for your employees: if your company has employees who want to learn a language we can set up training courses and look for financing together.

We are looking to expand our team with partners who have the necessary experience and qualifications and who would like to participate constructively in our project,

As far as language courses are concerned, if the training is not covered by the OCPAs, we apply this Tariff.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Learning a language: Would you prefer to be alone or accompanied by an empathetic and humane professional?

Our commitment : To help you learn a language in the best conditions.

And it is our clients/trainees who talk about it best! Check out these compiled answers:

Follow-up Evaluation Questionnaire 2019 (sent 6 months after the end of the course) carried out with 15 people who have attended individual courses.

Questionnaire on the satisfaction of distance learning group courses organised to deal with the Coronavirus crisis of spring 2020. 23 people answered out of the 30 concerned.

On-the-spot evaluations collected from trainees who have had individual courses – 6 out of the 8 people asked during the period January-July 2020 responded to this evaluation.

(On-the-spot assessments are carried out at the end of the training course, and follow-up assessments approximately 6 months after the end of the training. One month after the first evaluation is issued, a reminder is sent to the trainees if they have not replied).

V6 of 20 September 2020

French as a Foreign Language

1) Craftsmen

Effective cooperation with the Chambre de Metiers et de l’artisanat and the town halls concerned has enabled us to set up groups in the north-west of Haute-Vienne (Bussière Poitevine) and in the south-east of Haute-Vienne (Cussac and Saint-Mathieu).

We also plan to extend our courses to other areas.

These courses are entirely funded by CRMA New Aquitaine for craftspeople!

Graph based on a satisfaction survey carried out in March 2020 among participants in these CMA groups.

Bussière-Poitevine : 3 levels of FLE taught on Wednesdays
Cussac : A group of beginners and advanced on Monday afternoon
Saint – Mathieu: a group of beginners and intermediates on Friday afternoon.

2) For other categories of professionals (traders, liberal professions, farmers, employees, auto-entrepreneurs – or not))

We also have the possibility of setting up individual courses at your home or via Skype for all categories of professionals. These courses can be financed within the framework of continuing professional training.

If you are a professional or an employee, or even retired, and you are interested in learning French to help with your social and professional integration here in France, contact us!

We will then take care of the necessary steps in collaboration with you.

3) Organisation of courses for your staff

As with our collaboration with the professional handball club (LIMOGES HANDBLALL), we can set up FLE training courses for your foreign staff.

We provide a friendly and professional approach.

These courses may be supported by an OPCO. We will guide you in setting up these courses.

4) Professional certifications

HVF makes every effort within the framework of its partnerships with the certifying bodies (CIEP and the examination centre of the University of Limoges for the DELF and Culture Apha in Limoges for the TCF ) to enable trainees to arrive prepared for the certification examinations of their language level.

It is also possible for employees to access the training courses provided by HVF by using their CPF account on the “my training account” platform.

As of today, 100% of the trainees who have taken the TCF or DELF have obtained their certification.

At present, it is not possible to validate the training courses undertaken at HVF with other organisations.

Even though the language level certification examinations are open to “everyone”, HVF undertakes to ensure (by means of an assessment test or on presentation of a level certificate) that the student will follow the training course adapted to his/her level of he French language.

The competences attested by the certifications (DELF and TCF) are based on knowledge, know-how and learning skills, present in the ability to communicate linguistically, sociolinguistically and pragmatically in a professional context. To achieve this we provide language activities in a professional context involving comprehension, expression, interaction and mediation.

The level validated by the DELF or TCF (from A1 to C2) will give a sufficiently precise indication to the students of the level of communication attained by language level certification, which can be a factor of integration in the company.

The certified achievement of a level from the CEFR automatically allows integration into HVF or any other FLE training organisation for training in preparation for another evaluation at a higher level.

5) Our Training Catalogue (currently being updated)


       a) Level A 1

V 9 du 21 11 2020
Speaking of other languages

What’s more, we work with a network of professionals who give us the possibility to offer other language courses (English, Spanish) and even homework help.

We hope to set up English lessons with a certified TEFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher from Britain, in or at a radius of 25km of Saint-Junien, from September 2017.

Any interested companies and employees can contact us and open groups which should logically be funded in the scope of the professional training scheme.

Our Training Catalogue (currently being updated)

Samples of programs in English :

1) Vers un niveau A1 (Débutant) de langue anglaise

2) Vers un niveau A2 (intermédiaire) de langue anglaise

3) “sur mesure”: Programme sur mesure en 6 heures –  Préparation entretien d’embauche en anglais

4) Acquisition du niveau A1 de langue anglaise et aspects de communication professionnelle

5) Vers un niveau B1 (seuil) de langue anglaise

6) Programme complémentaire pour acquisition du niveau seuil (B1) de langue anglaise

Samples of programs in spanish :

1) Programme initial A1.1 – en distanciel sur 21 heures

2) Programme complémentaire A1 – en distanciel sur 21 heures

3) Programme initial A2 – en distanciel sur 21 heures

4)  Vers un niveau seuil (B1) de langue espagnole – formation initiale à distance en 28 heures

5) Programme espagnol pour voyager

Samples of programs in italian :

1) Programme initial d’italien A1.1 en distanciel

V06 du 12 05 2021