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Long-lasting partnerships and actions:

We have created French as a Foreign Language lessons for the artisans of the Haute-Vienne and the Charente in partnership with the «Chambre des Métiers et de l’Art»






HVF has been supporting the LH 87 Handball Club (Limoges Professional Club) since 2017 by training its foreign players to facilitate their integration into the team and also to help them cope with imperatives in their professional and/or personal lives.

HVF has obtained its DataDock listing and Qualiopi certification.

The Qualiopi certification which will definitively replace Datadock in 2022 concerns in particular vocational training organisations and those who wish to become independent trainers. This certification thus makes it possible to certify the quality of the process of setting up training centres.

By obtaining the Qualiopi certification, we optimise your chances of benefiting from public or mutual funds. It should be remembered that Qualiopi is awarded to certifying bodies accredited or authorised by the Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee).

As a vocational training organisation eligible for the “training quality” decree, HVF has just obtained its Qualiopi certification. As a result, funding via bodies such as the OPCO has been simplified.

PA V003 of 26 October 2020


The Datadock is the new database set up within the framework of the “training quality” decree that came into force on 1 January 2017. This inter-OPCA and Opacif repository lists the training organisations eligible for the new decree.

It is up to the training organisations to register on the Datadock. They must then submit evidence relating to the 21 indicators to meet the 6 criteria set by the funders.

Le Datadock (entrepôt de données en français) allows the organisations that offer finance (OPCA, Opacif) to verify that the training organization meets the necessary quality criteria as defined by law.

The interests of the Datadock are :

To register all organisations that meet the quality decree;

to simplify the work of funders (OPCA, Opacif, etc.);

examine the declarations of training bodies and make them referable or not;

to share information on training organisations in a collaborative space reserved for them.

As a vocational training organisation eligible for the “training quality” decree, HVF has just obtained its listing in the Datadock. As a result, funding via bodies such as the OPCA and OPACIF has been simplified.

PA V002 of 26/02/2020

The Qualiopi quality certification was awarded under the following category: training activities