A certain conception of teaching

This conception was not formed alone. I am lucky enough to share my life with Nora, a Spanish teacher whose approach, experience and culture enrich my own limited vision beyond measure. I have also been lucky enough to enrich my knowledge by the relationships with colleagues and various associations and institutions who have put their trust in me.

Therefore, every journey and every learner constitutes a priceless human adventure.

I try to adapt the pedagogical cursus’ to the profiles, desires, capabilities and rhythms of the learners. I consider learning to be, above all else, a balanced and harmonious exchange.

For languages, I use the communicative method but also the interactive method when possible. It can happen that I resort to traditional methods (grammar- translation). I have no magic or ready-made method pulled from a hat. I have acquired enough techniques and experience to be able to vary and adapt the lessons and workshops to the individual needs of the learner or group of learners.

The exchange, trust and the reciprocal ability to listen are the essential elements around which the courses are built and organized.