The HVF philosophy

Haute Vienne Formations (HVF), founded in 2016 by Alain Rio, became a reality through his specialised expertise and knowledge of teaching, training, liaison (oral) translating and working with foreign nationals. Our vision is to improve your communication competency, confidence and experience through modern and effective learning techniques.

HVF’s philosophy is anchored in the ideals of a local and regional environment. We live and work in a particularly unique and harmonious area of France; we are not subjected to the same stresses experienced in large urban areas.

The rural inhabitants have a special relationship with and are respectful of the earth that nourishes us. This is passed from generation to generation, and is compatible and integrated with the relationships that we form between knowledge and people.

This allows us to collaborate with people who have a qualitative, harmonious and generous approach to life, as much to encourage the integration of others to create a supportive and inclusive environment based on compassionate and respectful values.

Alain Rio
Alain Rio, founder

A special concept of teaching

HVF’s unique teaching concept was not formed alone. We encompass teaching approaches, experiences and culture to combine and enrich our individual visions. We enrich our collective knowledge through the relationships between the team, our colleagues and various associations and institutions who have put their trust in us.

Every journey constitutes a priceless human adventure for our diverse learners. We adapt the pedagogical cursus to the needs, desires, capabilities and rhythms of our learners. The trainers with HVF believe learning is a balanced and harmonious exchange.

When training languages, we combine the communicative and interactive teaching methods when possible and can also use traditional methods (grammar-translation) to further enhance learning.

It’s not all magic! We use proven techniques and experience to vary and adapt lessons and workshops to the individual needs of learners, whether learning individually or within a group.

Exchange, trust and reciprocal ability to listen are essential elements around which the courses are built and organised.


We also provide liaison translation services, useful for business and work meetings. This style of translation helps create a solid understanding of a subject matter between two parties, each speaking a different language. The liaison translator acts as a linguistic bridge for the team members involved.

Long-lasting partnerships and actions

Chambre des métiers et de l'artisanat

Haute-Vienne et Charente

We have created French as a Foreign Language lessons for the artisans of the Haute-Vienne and the Charente in partnership with the Chambre des Métiers et de l’Art


HVF is Qualiopi certified

Qualiopi is awarded to certifying bodies accredited or authorised by the Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee). The Qualiopi certification applies in particular to vocational training organisations and those who wish to become independent trainers.
This makes it possible to certify the quality of the process of setting up training centres. By obtaining the Qualiopi certification, HVF optimises your chances of benefiting from public or mutual funds.
As a vocational training organisation eligible for the ‘training quality’ decree, HVF obtained its Qualiopi certification. As a result, funding via bodies such as the OPCO has been simplified.

The Qualiopi quality certification has been issued for the following category: training initiatives.

LH 87 Handball Club

HVF has been supporting the LH 87 Handball Club (Limoges Professional Club) since 2017 by teaching French to its foreign players.
Since 2023, HVF has been working closely with the ESCSP to support the players of the CSP basketball team (the emblematic team of the city of Limoges).
Learning the language facilitates their integration into the team and enables them to cope better with their professional and personal lives.
In addition to this, English is taught to the staff of these sports institutions and preparation for the Voltaire certificate for those who need it.


V001 – 20/04/2023