Learning a language

Would you prefer to learn alone or accompanied by a qualified and empathetic professional?

At HVF, we are committed to help you learn a language in the best way suitable to your needs. Whether you need to learn French as part of your visa or naturalisation application, professional needs or just for fun, we have the perfect solution for your learning.

I wanted more confidence to speak French, and I was applying for French nationality, which entails an interview at the prefecture in French. I worked with Alain Rio and Aurélie Esprit. Both were great fun to work with and gave me confidence to speak and write in French. After an intensive course with Alain, where we concentrated on the potential interview questions for French nationality, I felt well prepared for my interview and I have had my nationality for over a year now. HVF has a good standard of teaching with personalised lessons, you can't go wrong! A big thank you to Alain and Aurélie.

HVF training programmes

Our programmes include the following information: prerequisites, objectives, duration, teaching methods used and evaluation methods, since the start of each training programme is organised according to our respective schedules.

In cases where the prerequisites required for the course cannot be proven by diplomas or qualifications, the first course will allow the level assessment to be refined if necessary.

The rates applied for 2023 (date of acceptance by the OPAC of the quotations/agreement or contract) are mentioned in the training programmes, and each of the training programmes can be downloaded by following the corresponding hypertext link in the areas that interest you. Each programme is dated/versioned and detailed.

As for accessibility for people with difficulties, this depends on the training venue chosen and the type of disability in relation to the teaching methods proposed (these aspects must be discussed during the interview prior to any contractual obligation).

I had a lack of knowledge of French and a desire to improve. I found working with HVF wonderful! I am gaining in confidence, motivated to work in my own time to further my skills and finding communication so much easier. I am not afraid of using the phone to talk to companies anymore and I have been able to deal with a lot of the usual French bureaucracy with much more ease. HVF is a great organisation with tutors who adapt to your needs and focus on the important areas of your language development. As well as learning a new language, I am also having fun; an essential part of learning for me.

In-person training

Individual face-to-face lessons can be held at HVF (building and non-PRG room that can accommodate up to five people which is not equipped for people with disabilities) or in our ‘Salle Polyvalente’ of St Bonnet de Bellac (87300) (non ‘ERP’ and non-equipped room for people with reduced mobility) or in the rooms provided by the town hall of Saint-Mathieu (87440).

Remote/virtual training

We also offer virtual/remote training programmes and lessons. Virtual sessions have proven to be just as effective for the learner in a suitable environment (good internet quality, adequate computer technology and appropriate applications such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or similar.

We also create bespoke and tailor-made training programmes and courses adapted to the personal situation and particular objectives of the trainees.

I felt that my knowledge of French wasn't progressing, I don't have many neighbours to talk to, and needed to improve in all areas of the language. It has been and continues to be, an incredibly positive experience. I really enjoy my lessons, and look forward to it each week. I'm improving day-to-day speaking as well as learning grammar. The topics covered in my lessons have been very varied and have covered current topics, including politics and the environment. Go for it! The classes are really tailored to suit your needs. Alain (my tutor) offers a variety of different teaching methods to find which suits you. The lessons are fun, interesting and have really given me confidence. He is encouraging and supportive, and really takes time to explain things. I love the different teaching methods - listening comprehension, reading aloud, writing comprehension, quizzes to name a few.

Projet Voltaire

Projet Voltaire (ideal for those with minimum of B1 level in French)

We are authorised by the Voltaire Project to offer a Voltaire certificate preparation course, which is now registered on the EDOF platform and allows anyone with a CPF to use their funds to follow this course

The course includes

The objectives of the course

Voltaire – Individual training plans

Voltaire – Group training plans

I had reasonable vocabulary and could understand written French. I needed to improve my oral comprehension and build my confidence to use the French I already knew. The lessons were interesting, helpful and fun. I learnt new tenses of verbs, how and when to use different words in a sentence or phrase, as well as improved my vocabulary and my confidence to speak French. I now have increased confidence speaking French. HVF provided good quality teaching tailored to the individual.

I wanted to improve my French language skills. I enjoyed the classes that I took with Alain. He made the work realistic and supported my efforts. My language skills improved and I learnt more useful vocabulary and grammar. My friend asked who I would recommend, and I introduced her to HVF. I recommend the training sessions to develop language skills and fluency.

Collated feedback from our learners

V001 – 20/04/2023

Evaluations à chaud recueillies auprès de stagiaires ayant eu des cours en individuels

6 personnes sur les 8 sollicitées pendant la période de janvier – juillet 2020 ont répondu à cette évaluation.

Cours collectifs CMAR Haute-Vienne

25 personnes sur 37 concernées ont répondu en janvier 2022 à cette évaluation dîte à chaud (Les évaluations à chaud sont réalisées à l’issue de la formation, et les évaluations à froid 6 mois environ après la fin de la formation. Un mois après le premier envoi, une relance est renvoyée aux stagiaires s’ils n’ont pas répondu).

Cours collectifs CMAR Haute-Vienne

30 personnes sur 42 concernées ont répondu en septembre 2022 à cette évaluation dîte à chaud (Les évaluations à chaud sont réalisées à l’issue de la formation, et les évaluations à froid 6 mois environ après la fin de la formation. Dix jours après le premier envoi, une relance est renvoyée aux stagiaires s’ils n’ont pas répondu).

Evaluations à chaud individuelles réalisées de Janvier à septembre 2022

9 personnes sur les 11 sollicitées pendant la période de janvier – août 2022 ont répondu à cette évaluation.

On-the-spot evaluations collected from trainees who have had individual courses

6 out of the 8 people asked during the period January-July 2020 responded to this evaluation.

Group lessons CMAR Haute-Vienne

25 people answered out of the 37 concerned in January 2022 (On-the-spot assessments are carried out at the end of the training course, and follow-up assessments approximately 6 months after the end of the training. One month after the first evaluation is issued, a reminder is sent to the trainees if they have not replied).

Group lessons CMAR Haute-Vienne

30 out of 42 people concerned responded to this so-called hot evaluation in September 2022 (Hot evaluations are carried out at the end of the training, and cold evaluations approximately 6 months after the end of the training. Ten days after the first mailing, a reminder is sent to the trainees if they have not replied).

Individual on-the-spot assessments carried out from January to September 2022

9 people out of the 11 solicited during the period January – August 2022 responded to this assessment.