HVF training programmes

On your own premises
We can operate in any suitable business premises, provided it is conducive to a learning environment.

Training for your employees
If your company has employees who want to learn a language, we can organise training courses and explore financing together.

Our team has the necessary experience and qualifications to actively support your employees in their learning.

Courses for your staff
As with our collaboration with the professional handball club (LIMOGES HANDBALL), we can set up FLE training courses for your non-French speaking staff.

We provide a friendly and professional approach. These courses may be supported by an OPCO. We will guide you in setting up these courses.

If training is not covered by the OCPAs, we apply these tariffs..

Projet Voltaire

Projet Voltaire (ideal for those with minimum of B1 level in French)

We are authorised by the Voltaire Project to offer a Voltaire certificate preparation course, which is now registered on the EDOF platform and allows anyone with a CPF to use their funds to follow this course

The course includes

The objectives of the course

Voltaire – Individual training plans

Voltaire – Group training plans

Other languages

We work with a network of professionals to offer other language courses (English, German, Spanish and Italian) and homework help.

Interested professionals and employees can contact us to open groups, which could qualify for funding within the professional training scheme.

Samples of English programmes

Samples of Spanish programmes

Samples of Italian programmes

Samples of German programmes

On-site oral / liaison translation

Translation – from English or Spanish to French

Reinforced by 10 years of international experience in English and Spanish-speaking countries as well as a solid legal background (DESS in taxation), Alain has the knowledge, experience and expertise to offer high quality assistance to companies and their teams with different languages and cultures.

His comprehensive linguistic knowledge and transversal knowledge (intercultural relations/practical life in France), will support your communication on projects involving teams of different languages and cultures in optimal conditions.

Translation of other languages

The team at HVF, along with our long-established network of trusted sworn translators, can provide translations in various fields.

It is a request from our customer to employ a translator to help with technical communication within meetings and general questions to help both parties develop their language skills. It has been a fantastic experience, Alain is very well organised, there when needed and has a positive motivation factor. The communication with our customer is now easier, less time consuming, helps with big and little problems. Everybody is a little more confident approaching any conversations as HVF can help direct the conversation. 100% use this service if needed as it helps with many scenarios. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn and build a strong relationship with both work and friends.

Proofreading – Spanish

Before teaching Spanish and specialising in environmental protection, Nora VILLAVICENCIO, our in-house proofreader, was editor and corrector for the Mexican newspaper, Notimex.

She proofreads and corrects handwritten or typed texts, essays or dissertations destined to be printed in Spanish, according to spelling, grammatical, syntactical and typographical rules.

She checks that the text is coherent and annotates the document with indications for the page layout. She translates texts that deal with specific fields.

Excellent experience. Nora is attentive.

V001 – 20/04/2023