Professionals / Employees


Close collaborations with the Chambre de Metiers et de l’Artisanat and the town halls concerned has enabled us to set up groups in the north-west of Haute-Vienne (Bussière Poitevine & St Bonnet de Bellac) and in the south-east of Haute-Vienne (Saint-Mathieu).

We also plan to extend our courses to other areas. These courses are funded by CRMA New Aquitaine for craftspeople.

St Bonnet de Bellac :
2 levels of FLE taught on Wednesdays

Bussière Poitevine :
Advance group training on Thursday mornings

Saint- Mathieu :
Mixed beginner and intermediate group on Friday afternoons.

Other categories of professionals

Our courses are suitable for traders, service providers, farmers, employees, auto/micro-entrepreneurs and artistic or sporting professions.

We can also provide individual courses at your home or via Skype or Zoom (online) for all categories of professionals. These programmes can be financed within the framework of continuing professional training (CPD).

If you are a professional or an employee and you wish to learn French to facilitate your social and professional integration in France or to learn other modern languages to develop your career internationally or simply to travel to non-French speaking countries, contact us!

We will then take care of the necessary steps in collaboration with you.

Do you qualify for funding for your learning?

If you want funded language classes with us, we’ll endeavour to find a way to finance your learning.

Individual financing
Where possible, whether you are self-employed, running a business or an employee, we will explore ways to qualify for full financing by the OCPOs (skills operators) or within the CPF framework (personal training account).

I work as a commercial immobilier (estate agent), and I needed to improve my French for my work. My experience has been very positive and constructive. The big win for me was the ability to work at a steady set pace, to constantly improve week by week. Homework is also given, to work on in my own time, and further improve my French. I recommend HVF because they make a difference to people needing help. A BIG thank you to Mr RIO for his help, advice, work and ability to build confidence.

French as a foreign language

Professional certifications (DELF, TCF, and DCL)

HVF makes every effort within the framework of its present and past partnership with the certifying bodies (France Education International and the University of Limoges examination centre for the DELF and Culture Apha in Limoges for the TCF and the appropriate Academy for the DCL) to enable trainees to arrive prepared for the certification exams for their language level.

It is also possible for employees to have access to the training courses provided by HVF by using their CPF account on the Mon Compte Formation platform. To date, 100% of the trainees who have taken the TCF, DELF & DCL have obtained their certification.

At present, there are no gateways and there is no possibility of validating ‘blocks of competencies’.

Even if the language level certification exams are open to the public, HVF verifies (by means of an evaluation test or on presentation of a level certificate) that the trainee will follow the training adapted to his/her level of the French language.

The competences attested by the certifications (DELF, TCF, and DCL) are based on knowledge, know-how and learning skills, present in the ability to communicate on the linguistic, sociolinguistic and pragmatic levels in a professional context. The implementation of this competence in the realisation of language activities in a professional context involves comprehension, expression, interaction and mediation.

We invite those who are interested in the DCL to click here.

The level validated by the DELF, TCF or DCL (from A1 to C2) will provide a precise indication to the professional participants of the level of communication of the holders of the language level certification, which can be a factor of integration in the company.
The certified acquisition of a CEFR level automatically allows integration into HVF or any other FLE training organisation for the preparation of the assessment of the higher level.​

Other languages

We work with a network of professionals to offer other language courses (English, German, Spanish and Italian) and homework help.

Interested professionals and employees can contact us to open groups, which could qualify for funding within the professional training scheme.

Samples of English programmes

Samples of Spanish programmes

Samples of Italian programmes

Samples of German programmes

Projet Voltaire

Projet Voltaire (ideal for those with minimum of B1 level in French)

We are authorised by the Voltaire Project to offer a Voltaire certificate preparation course, which is now registered on the EDOF platform and allows anyone with a CPF to use their funds to follow this course

The course includes

The objectives of the course

Voltaire – Individual training plans

Voltaire – Group training plans

V001 – 20/04/2023