The HVF philosophy

My intention is to anchor the courses of this organism in an eminently local or regional environment.

I am convinced that we live, be it in Haute-Vienne or more extensively in Limousin or New Aquitaine, in a particularly privileged area.

We are not subjected to the same stress as in the large urban areas, and the relationship which many rural inhabitants have with the earth and the respect for the earth which nourishes us, which is transmitted from generation to generation, are completely compatible and even fusional with the relationships which we form between knowledge and other people.

This means I wish to collaborate with people who have a qualitative, harmonious and generous approach to life, as much to encourage the integration of others as to create a supportive environment based on humane and respectful values.

HVF does not look for growth for the sake of growing. Its mission is to encourage new encounters, life stories and all this by means of lessons, workshops, and why not seminars. This approach, somewhat impertinent in such a violently competitive world, will be the common point in all our courses.