HVF team – trainers and translators

In order to achieve the quality of teaching expected by our learners, we ensure the highest degree of professionalism and a human and personalised approach by each of our trainers.

The prerequisites for each HVF trainer are:

Alain Rio

Alain RIO

Founder, manager and trainer - HVF

Before creating HVF, I accumulated 10 years of international experience as a ‘French as a Foreign Language’ teacher in different educational institutions in Saint Salvador (the Bahamas) and in the prestigious universities of Hermosillo in Mexico.

I also taught law-related subjects (international negotiation, globalisation and integration, international panorama) as my initial training was in tax law. On my return to France with my family, I have been working as a French as a foreign language teacher with groups of non-French speakers in Limoges (Culture Alpha association, the University of Limoges, LH87, Firmen Roz secondary school) but also in Bellac (Easyfrench) where I had the privilege of teaching for 6 years. I was also called to teach English (Easyfrench), Communication and job search techniques and Communication. (AFPI Limousin).

Having a very good level in Spanish and English, as well as having a large network of friends and professional contacts, I can offer support or lessons in both these foreign languages as well as high quality translations.

Stéphanie LAPORTE

French trainer

Since March 2018 I have been working with HVF teaching FLE online to mainly British people, both working and retired, living in France. I particularly enjoy the challenge of tailoring my lessons to suit the specific needs and aims of each of my learners.
I’ve been living in Limousin for the past 10 years.

In order to become a teacher of French as a foreign language, I studied English (language, literature and culture) and modern French language and literature before finally obtaining a Masters in FLE (French as a Foreign Language).

I started my professional life in Grenoble teaching French in a ‘classe d’acceuil’ for people on arrival to France. I then moved to Romania where I taught in a bilingual school before relocating to Treignac in Corrèze where I worked for seven years teaching young people in a ‘classe d’acceuil’ and later in a lycée. I also worked with adults and children in Soudaine, Uzerche and Tulle and taught French to private individuals and worked with groups of retired British people and other overseas nationals.

My interests include travel, reading and cultural pursuits. I am also interested in sociology and enjoy interacting with people of different nationalities and teaching them French.

Aurélie ESPRIT

French trainer

I have been teaching online (private and group classes from A1 to C2 level) since 2014. I enjoy this type of teaching because it is very flexible and we can use a lot of interesting online materials.

I love teaching French and sharing the differences between cultures and points of view. I enjoy the challenge of adapting courses to learners’ specific needs and goals. Their progress and comprehension are priority. We follow specific requirements of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. I always try to find new tips and websites for my students. 🙂

I have lived in Belgium, Ecuador and Colombia over a period of 10 years and taught in universities and privately in Ecuador. I moved back to France in 2020.

Originating from the Nord-east, I qualified as a French teacher in 2011 (Master 1 & Master 2). Before teaching, I was a social worker and I worked in the education sector for many years.


French trainer

As Alain Rio’s colleague for some years, we have developed not only a professional relationship, but also a friendship. This has led me to be a part of the HVF adventure!

I bring my skills and enthusiasm, share life stories, which I hope will further enrich your learning and help you to progress in our beautiful French language!

Born in the Paris region, after a career in the tourism sector I returned to my original interests: to teach, convey, share…

I enjoy the diversity and complexity of teaching and love the personal enrichment that it brings me.

I have worked in Paris and Bordeaux, from Stockholm to Amsterdam, and from La Rochelle to Limoges, where I have now been living for 7 years.


French trainer

Originally from the Caribbean, I developed a taste for sharing, discovery and adventure very early on.

This is why I turned to teaching and more precisely to teaching French as a foreign language.

This allowed me to work abroad (UK & Estonia) and get to know many different cultures thanks to the different trainees.

As a polyglot, I understand the difficulties of learning a foreign language. This is why I favour a communicative and playful approach.

I like to use the learners’ experiences and habits to illustrate grammar points, which makes it easier for them to visualise how the language works and thus retain and appropriate it more quickly.

I like music, cinema and sport (with a preference for football).

It is with great pleasure to help you discover and appreciate my world during dynamic and varied lessons.

Florence ROUXEL

French and Projet Voltaire trainer

I have been teaching FLE (French as a Foreign Language) for 12 years, including 10 years as a volunteer in two associations (Foyer Pinel in Saint-Denis, near Paris, and the Fraternité in Nantes). My learners were mainly people in migration situations, from West African countries. During these 10 years volunteering, I have met some very interesting people whose backgrounds were often difficult but who had a strong will to move forward.

I have been teaching as self-employed for two years. I am passionate about FLE and my language. I find that teaching FLE is a dynamic practice that requires a certain mental agility, which I find motivating for my classes. I use the action method, focussing my teaching on the learner. I particularly like to teach grammar inductively, as I find that learners retain the different rules better as I give them the opportunity to reflect on the language in order to understand its construction mechanisms themselves.

I also like to adapt to my learners and find the right strategies to better explain things.

During my lessons, I have a benevolent attitude and try to establish a sense of confidence so that learning takes place in a good mood. I often use humour.


French and Projet Voltaire trainer

I specialise in helping people pass the Voltaire Certificate (spelling certificate) and the DELF/DALF (French language diplomas for non-French speakers) exams.

Originally a lawyer with a Master 2 in Law at the University of Limoges, I moved into teaching French, my favourite subject and in French as a foreign language since 2015.

I obtained a DAEFLE (diploma of aptitude for teaching French as a foreign language), which allowed me to teach French to adults and teenagers from all backgrounds in high schools, associations and companies. I also followed a training course for DELF and DALF examiners within France Education International, diplomas which allow the recognition of learners’ efforts in the long term.

The people I have followed on their language journey have always given me positive feedback on their training experience, which they generally describe as serious, clear, attentive and friendly; I enjoy guiding them towards the objectives they have set themselves.


Spanish trainer and translator

I was born in Mexico, where I lived for 40 years. I worked as a newspaper editor and Spanish teacher in several educational levels (from college to university).

When I arrived in France in 2008, I held several positions as a teacher of Spanish as a second language in secondary schools in the department. I have also worked as a children’s facilitator in Spanish workshops, but my main activity is working as a Spanish teacher for groups of adults or professionals individually.

My experience as a newcomer in a foreign country without mastering the host language has helped me to better understand the needs of a person who is trying to communicate and get by as quickly as possible. I can respond specifically to each person’s different learning rhythms and styles.

Christine VIGNAL

German and French trainer

I am a bilingual Franco-German, born in Germany (trilingual with English, although I don’t have a perfect command of the language of Shakespeare).

After experience in the French Education system (Lycées Louis Le Grand and Turgot in Paris), I decided to focus on adult education, and since 2017 I have been a trainer in German and French for employees in companies and individuals who want to learn privately.

After my studies I started my professional life in international companies, where I worked with many people from different backgrounds. 15 years later, I decided to change my career and went back to school. I missed the German language and culture on a daily basis. I completed a Master 2 in Education Sciences ‘Germanic course’ (now Master 2 MEEF) and was admitted to the CAPES (2014) and the Agrégation (2016) in German. Germany, its language and its culture are part of my passions, without forgetting the other German-speaking countries of course!


Italian trainer

I am Italian and have always been passionate about foreign languages, with a particular preference for French, which I adopted as my second language in 2014.

My personal and professional career has allowed me to travel to different countries and to hold various positions. I have a university degree in “modern languages and cultures” and a Master 2 in “languages and literature of the East and West”. I completed my university studies with two professional experiences abroad (in England and France) where I was able to improve my language skills, my cultural knowledge and my interpersonal skills.

I have experience as an Italian language assistant, educational assistant and now as an AESH. Motivated, enthusiastic and always looking for new challenges, eager to pass on my knowledge and skills in Italian, I work with cultural associations (the Dante Alighieri association in Limoges and Vialo in St. Junien) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a teacher and trainer in Italian.

I am a sworn translator at the Limoges Court of Appeal and I am also interested in the field of translation, in the Italian-French language combination.

Each course is geared towards the learner, with a programme adapted to the required objectives and taking into account the learning pace of each student in order to improve their level and accompany them towards the final certification.

I am an examiner for the PLIDA certification (Italian) of the Dante Alighieri Society.


Formatrice en anglais

I am from the Limousin region and a native English speaker. I love teaching English online and in person, meeting new people and helping them progress from their starting point. Drawing on my extensive experience as a teacher, I’ll ascertain your initial level and objectives, personalise your course and work in a collaborative and supportive way to ensure you meet your goals. I’ll encourage you to speak as much as possible, build your confidence and help you progress quickly.

Teaching has been my passion for 20 years. After becoming a qualified teacher in 2001 I have taught a variety of subjects to a diverse range of people. I believe we all have the capacity to learn new skills, including languages, regardless of our age or previous education.

In 2015 I moved to France with my family. We have built an ecological straw bale house which has been an unforgettable experience. In my spare time, I love to walk and cycle exploring my local area. I also grow my own vegetables and love cooking with my freshly harvested produce. Learning French has been an exciting challenge and I draw on my own learning experiences to enhance my lessons.

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